How Dynamic Marketing Creatives are Driving Customer Engagement
How Dynamic Marketing Creatives are Driving Customer Engagement
Today’s display ads need to be personalized on a granular level to effectively connect with and convert customers. This requires a massive amount of variation that’s only achievable in real time and at scale via dynamic creatives.
Institutionalizing Company Culture: 3 Tips for Today’s Business Leaders
Institutionalizing Company Culture: 3 Tips for Today’s Business Leaders
Today’s customers aren’t willing to wade through irrelevant messaging. They want a customer experience that recognizes them as individuals and serves them content tailored to their interests. The only way to achieve this with any real efficacy is to let data-driven personalization strategies lead the way.
The Evolutions of Marketing Technology Across 5 Decades
The Evolutions of Marketing Technology Across 5 Decades
Marketers must utilize data to understand their audiences on a more personal level in order to construct marketing strategies that are more humanized. Appealing to deeper concerns with marketing efforts establishes trust and bolsters brand loyalty, and more in-depth data collection is necessary as the human condition continues to evolve through the COVID-19 crisis.
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