Why Engaging in Micro-Moments Is Vital for Customer Engagement

In this new pandemic landscape, home-bound consumers are scrolling, clicking, and tapping more than ever before and the relevance of micro-moments in terms of customer engagement is clear. Marketing teams need to connect fragmented customer journeys to ROI and growth while ensuring customer engagement and loyalty, and micro-moments are a sure-fire way to do so.

Future of Work: Why Businesses Should Focus On a Flexible Work Model

In 2021, the traditional business model seismically upended itself. This year, successful leaders embraced the changes and innovated, but is this just the beginning? In this article, Jay Kulkarni, founder and CEO, Theorem, explores the evolving business ecosystem and why companies should focus on a flexible work model.

Marketing Cloud Best Practices for Retail Brands

From enabling robust data collection, utilization methodologies and audience segmentation, to targeting, brand consistency and ongoing customer engagement, following the best practices for retail brands in the current marketing landscape is more critical than ever before.

The Importance of Omnichannel Marketing in the Modern Landscape

In the current digital landscape, communication and transparency between sales and marketing is imperative. With outbound efforts on the decline and inbound and micro moment marketing on the rise, marketing teams are contributing more leads and clients to the sales pipeline than ever before.

Meeting Consumer Demand for Transparent Marketing Practices

Consumer demand has accelerated the need for digital advertisers to pivot their strategies towards a more mobile-first, omnichannel, more personalized approach. While these trends are continuously evolving, it is clear that they are here to stay. To successfully adapt, media marketers must create deeper digital connections, better tailor their ad development, and leverage new platforms and technologies while adhering to a transparent privacy-first approach.