Balancing the Human & Machine Elements of Automation

Implementing automation into your business is a multifaceted undertaking that can produce a number of growing pains. Although the impact on the humans within your organization is one of the hurdles you will have to over come, there are simple tactics that you can utilize to mitigate the impacts of change.

Automating Tasks & Processes in Campaign Management

All successful automation journeys start with a breakdown and understanding of campaign workflow tasks and processes. In order to create your campaign automation framework you must first understand where and when to automate.

Embarking on the Automation Journey

Before an organization can implement any kind of useful automation strategy there are some key components digital marketers must consider to ensure a successful automation journey.

Optimizing Your 2020 Holiday Marketing Strategy

The 2020 holiday season will be vastly different from any that have come before. Savvy marketers will need to utilize innovative customer engagement strategies in order to fully optimize their 2020 holiday marketing strategy.

The Journey to Automating Marketing Processes

Automating marketing processes is no longer just a Fortune 500 strategic initiative. As channels grow and audiences become increasingly hard to reach, the ability to balance human and machine processes while getting scale via automation has become a competitive imperative.

Why Basic Personalization is No Longer Enough

Personalization as a practice has come a long way from the early days of adding %%name%% to your email greeting. As technology evolves and the depth of data collection becomes infinite, so too will the personalization capabilities of our marketing efforts.

The Evolution of Creative Design in Digital Marketing

As the digital landscape becomes more and more crowded—and as the COVID-19 crisis continues to affect consumer behavior in new and unique ways—creatives are relying more and more on visually rich digital design strategies that promote consumer engagement through interactivity.