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Music Streaming Service

A popular online music streaming and internet radio service turned to Theorem for trafficking expertise and scalability. The client provides music recommendations based on user feedback and dominates the US market with more than 70 million active users.

The music service has a freemium model, in which basic features are offered for free with advertisements while additional features are available through paid subscriptions. 

Music Streaming Service



The top-notch Operations team at the music streaming service knew early on that they needed a strong foundation to scale to support their growing business. 

They turned to Theorem; as they knew that the company was a leader in providing operational services at scale and cost-effectively. The client wanted to offload critical and necessary tasks to Theorem so that they could focus on client management, account strategy, and revenue generation and up-selling.


Flexible Support Model
Theorem aligned skilled teams with the client’s regions to create 1-to-1 relationships for operational efficiency.
With a systematic approach that begins with a pilot phase, review and then building teams to scale, Theorem became an invaluable partner. Theorem’s support spans order entry, trafficking, optimizations, reporting and account management. Continuous improvements, automation, and efficiency gains are part of the standard process at Theorem, and that results in off-the-charts benefits for the client. 


Cost & Time Savings

Our efforts improved the client’s bottom line, with cost savings of more than 50%. Additionally, Theorem saved the client thousands of hours by supporting 85% of the AdOps tasks.

We support nearly 200 client users across 4 regions as well as the client’s special projects team. Through automation solutions, client operations are currently 30% more efficient. Client teams are now focused on sales, upsell and managing key accounts while Theorem supports massive operations and even manages the digital audio service’s Tier 2 accounts. 

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