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Top Automotive Manufacturer
A leading automotive company turned to Theorem for Marketing Cloud Expertise. Their creative agencies did not have the functional or data solution capabilities so sought out a leader in data driven digital marketing.

Executives were concerned that they were being outpaced by their automotive competitors in the race to accessing and leveraging real time data.



Unused Valuable Data
A top automotive manufacturer had installed in-store kiosks across Australia to capture customer preferences for existing vehicle line-ups. Unfortunately, the client was unable to leverage this data for personalized and timely communications.

By the time they were able to organize and segment their potential buyers, their email lag left them with poorly performing communications.


Multi-Platform Integration
In order to facilitate real-time deployment of responsive and personalized emails, Theorem developed an automation program to monitor user engagement at the kiosks.
Once emails were deployed, audience interaction data was extracted from Salesforce Marketing Cloud and imported back to Microsoft for customer engagement analysis. Theorem’s complete strategy included data re-mapping, audience segmentation, database reorganization, dynamic content setup and the creation of a single master email template.


Real-Time Data Comes to Life
Seamless workflow was established between multiple systems, resulting in reduced turnaround time for deployment and realtime audience engagement.

An immediate uptick in metrics led to an expansion of these efforts along with exponential results. In no time, this pilot program was expanded into global markets, leveraging the scalable solution engineered by Theorem.

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