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A private university leveraged Theorem’s Marketing Cloud expertise to enhance its email campaigns. The client wanted to move away from their legacy of being an online-only institution. They were now offering on-campus courses and wanted their marketing efforts to help them establish a better presence of campus culture.

Additionally, the client was migrating to a new email service provider, Salesforce Marketing Cloud. They wanted to take advantage of this new platform in terms of mobile-first best practices, along with evolving their content strategy to be more effective and efficient. Theorem wanted to help this university find their voice, so that they could build a campus culture that resonated with alumni–past, present, and future.



Serving a Mobile-First Audience

The client had a small team managing their current marketing efforts and desired a new approach to communicating with its existing and prospective student network. Additionally, they needed a mobile-friendly approach that would allow them to utilize several newsletter types, with minimal effort.

Through its discovery process, Theorem gained a better understanding of the university’s objectives, content strategy, internal needs, and user journey. The university had a firm grasp of their communication goals but needed a strategic, design solution including email template creation that would help achieve them.


A Custom Email Template System

Theorem designed a series of wireframes that showcased a library of content blocks that could be arranged, rearranged, duplicated, and removed, creating limitless newsletter iterations. To better address the client’s content goals, Theorem also provided recommendations for how the content library could be used to develop three key template solutions: a newsletter for prospective students, a campus life email for current students, and a trigger template for upcoming events.

Theorem shared additional documentation and a brief training on email design best practices for the mobile-first audience so that the client’s marketing team would be equipped to master their ongoing efforts.


An Optimized Workflow

Using modular content blocks, we designed an original template system that provided flexibility in creating tailored newsletters. The client now had a versatile library of content blocks on Salesforce Marketing Cloud, where they could take advantage of designing limitless template variations with ease

The template system minimized the client’s production time and allowed them to achieve adaptable, mobile-friendly messaging. This new approach enabled them to become better connected with their students and promote their campus culture.

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