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Mobile Shopping Activation Company

A pioneer in their field, the client developed the first end-to-end mobile customer activation platform, which is used by retailers and leading CPG marketers to easily deploy effective mobile campaigns.

Their innovative platform combines demographic, behavioral, location and contextual targeting with scale across operating systems and platforms, industry-leading rich and dynamic creative formats, premium inventory through a private marketplace, ad serving, analytics and campaign management—all in a single, seamless mobile customer activation solution.

Mobile Shopping Activation


Too Many Data Sources

A sophisticated platform calls for lot of data crunching and the client realized their manual reporting is too complex, time consuming and prone to errors.

They sought a data management partner who could aggregate from disparate sources, clean and process based on business rules, and push data to their purpose built platform. 


Multi-Platform Integration

Theorem’s expertise in media industry uniquely qualifies as a valuable partner in the client’s initiative. Theorem’s Inovus solution was leveraged to build a repository for all first and third party data. Our process included the full range of services: data cleansing and detailed mapping, stringent QA and testing, and best practices in project management. Theorem handled a full range of data cleansing, mapping and QA.

A custom API was built to deliver the data back to the client’s campaign dashboard. Theorem further supports this data feed on an ongoing basis.


Confidence & Accuracy

Theorem’s retail ecommerce reporting solution and expertise in data specific to media industry enabled the client’s operations, trading and billing teams.

Removing the manual work created an environment with stronger accuracy and reliability so that the client’s internal team could focus on campaign management and critical client functions.

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