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As Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts for nearly a decade, we have worked with over 750 customers, on 25,000 campaigns, utilizing our team of over 500 martech experts. Theorem works with a wide range of clients and partners to deliver smart, efficient and ROI focused martech strategies.


Combining the knowledge and scale of a big-name consulting firm with the customized implementation of a boutique agency, Theorem is one of a select few companies that can offer it all—from consultancy services to customize implementation. 

With its accomplished team of experts, Theorem scales your marketing efforts by creating the right strategy, rapid on-boarding, deep specialist expertise, global coverage and unmatched support.

Our Capabilities

Consulting Services

Theorem assesses your current program and develops an efficient, comprehensive strategy across your digital channels.

Lifecycle Strategies

Making your customers the center of your universe is at the heart of everything that Theorem does. Partner with the experts for a strategy that delivers.


Theorem ensures that your current CRM platform is fully integrated with SFMC so that you can take leverage its functionality.

Automation Studio

Hands-free is the way to be—but it isn’t always easy. Our experts make "auto" -pilot a possibility.

Customer Journey Builder

This powerful SFMC feature allows partners to visualize the journey and calibrate instantly. Theorem can help you fully embrace automation.

Education & Enablement

Theorem can be your ongoing partner in the cloud or, we can train your staff to optimize this powerful platform while providing critical support when needed.

Our Work



Maintaining confidentiality is a huge priority in the financial sector. Our client needed to map and code financial offers to 1,500+ audience segments and carry out data profile testing for highly confidential data.


Theorem leveraged its deep knowledge of financial information security best practices to maintain confidentiality—successfully creating and testing different offer and customer profile combinations within one week.


Better testing and easy-to-showcase test results for the client, with 100% accurate deployment within a short turnaround time.


Retailers routinely face an increased workload during specific high-demand seasons. Thanks to 20+ brands with individualized processes, our client’s holiday email campaigns were delayed and were carrying high error rates.


Our specialized SFMC retail team, who works across 100+ blue chip retail brands, stepped in to provide scalability and quick deployment—including dedicated brand pods for consistent, high quality, low error campaigns.


The client experienced a 47% YOY increase in email output during 2017 holiday season, with a 99.6% error-free rate and rapid turnaround.


Staying on top of emerging technology—including location tracking—is important for hospitality companies. Our client’s emails were not displaying the correct location due to tracking that used encrypted URLs.


Theorem’s specialized SFMC hospitality team recommended a streamlined communication process and on-boarding plan for the client’s tech partners—along with location tracking training sessions.


Successfully deployed seven major global campaigns during the holiday season, with 60+ versions and 300 hours of work.


In the publishing world, deadlines are key. Our client—a leading news publication in Detroit—had a time-sensitive creative execution in place that was displaying out of order.


Theorem leveraged its extensive knowledge of publishing industry best practices to re-work the coding and walk the client through fixes for future campaigns.


Built an adaptive creative that rendered across all devices and email domains and successfully deployed on time.


Major software client needed to map the assets for its multilingual customer database with nested segmentation based on language, preferences and offers.


Theorem segmented customer records by language and accurately designed the splits based on nesting—all while using a single master template to pull assets.


A single setup triggered almost 20+ combinations of email layouts to greatly reduce template creation.

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