Marketing Cloud Best Practices for Publishers

When it comes to the utilization of marketing cloud technologies for publishers, there are key components that must be considered in order to ensure success. From tech platform selection to curated content, audience segmentation and customization, the best practices for publishers are more complex and crucial than ever before.

Innovative Strategies for Modern Marketing Success

Modern Marketing Success

Continual shifts in marketing demand have created evolution in the marketing landscape and the strategies utilized for modern marketing success. Organizations with the ability to create flexible marketing planning, blueprint and implement agile MarTech, dynamically collect and utilize data and continually optimize organizational efficiency are sure to continually succeed.

Is Your Current MarTech Implementation Strategy Sound?

Developing and implementing a MarTech strategy is more than just selecting popular marketing software and hardware to execute marketing tactics. To ensure your MarTech stack and implementation will accelerate your business, you must first analyze and understand your business on a deeper level.

Sales and Marketing Alignment in the Current Digital Landscape

In the current digital landscape, communication and transparency between sales and marketing is imperative. With outbound efforts on the decline and inbound and micro moment marketing on the rise, marketing teams are contributing more leads and clients to the sales pipeline than ever before.

Mapping Automation Technology to Digital Marketing Processes

In our final chapter in this series, we’re going to take a look at what happens once you are ready to begin mapping actual automation technologies to the marketing processes in your workflow. In order to do this successfully, you need to break down your processes into three distinct categories: routine, standardized rule-based, and dynamic adaptive.

Why Creatives Can Make or Break Your Marketing Strategy

Leveraging dynamic, data-driven creatives in your marketing strategy is a must if you want to keep up with the competition. Mass-appeal is a thing of the past—today’s customers want authentic and relatable messaging that’s tailored to them across all devices, locations, interests, and experiences.

Episode 8: Pivots In Data Utilization For Marketing in a Post-Covid World

Marketers must utilize data to understand their audiences on a more personal level in order to construct marketing strategies that are more humanized. Appealing to deeper concerns with marketing efforts establishes trust and bolsters brand loyalty, and more in-depth data collection is necessary as the human condition continues to evolve through the COVID-19 crisis.

Insights for Calculating Automation ROI

Calculating automation ROI is an imperative part of your automation process and journey. Without understanding the necessary expenditures of automation implementation and the long term automation ROI gains, you will not have a complete picture of the impacts automation will make on your business as a whole.

Balancing the Human & Machine Elements of Automation

Implementing automation into your business is a multifaceted undertaking that can produce a number of growing pains. Although the impact on the humans within your organization is one of the hurdles you will have to over come, there are simple tactics that you can utilize to mitigate the impacts of change.