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Highprofile fashion and apparel brand Tory Burch is a global business with more than 120 freestanding boutiques and a presence in more than 3,000 department and specialty stores around the world. The brand has also maintained a strong online presence since the relaunch of its highly profitable ecommerce site,, in 2011.


Ease of Use & Scalability

The Tory Burch team was in the process of migrating from their current email marketing platform to Sailthru in an effort to eliminate the need to write code for their emails. This was an especially time-consuming task because all of their emails were image-based. With Sailthru, they would be able to select images for campaigns and port them through their AI into a Sailthruconfigured email.
During migration, Tory Burch experienced imagerendering issues within their email headers and footers that they struggled to resolve. The images appeared squashed, and the team could not use the Sailthru email template modules in the ways that they wanted to.  
Tory Burch enlisted the help of their internal teams and existing partners, but all lacked the platform knowledge and expertise to resolve the issue. So the company reached out to Theorem, and we were ready, willing, and able to tackle the challenge.


Optimized Template System & Support

We met with the Tory Burch marketing team to assess their needs and come up with a solution that would resolve their email template issues. After reviewing the templates, we were able to create a base code embedded within the email template modules that would correct the image-rendering issues. 
This solution would allow the Tory Burch teams to utilize the modules to produce perfectly rendered emails time and time again, without ever having to touch a single line of code. They now had the plugandplay email system that they had hoped to establish with their migration to Sailthru.


A Solid Partnership

Not only did we resolve the image-rendering issues for the Tory Burch team, we also created a custom plugandplay solution that would allow them to make better use of their time—a feat that previous partners were unable to execute. 
In addition, our deep expertise of the Sailthru platform and ability to understand the needs of the Tory Burch team—in addition to a combined 40-plus years of experiencecreated an excellent working partnership. We did not need the handholding, guidance, or extensive explanations Tory Burch had found necessary with previous partners.  
Because of this superior working relationship, the initial email project evolved into a full partnership between Theorem and Tory Burch. The Tory Burch team has noted that our proactive and agile approach to problem solving has freed them up to focus on other endeavors. 

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