Embarking on the Automation Journey

Before an organization can implement any kind of useful automation strategy there are some key components digital marketers must consider to ensure a successful automation journey.

The Journey to Automating Marketing Processes

Automating marketing processes is no longer just a Fortune 500 strategic initiative. As channels grow and audiences become increasingly hard to reach, the ability to balance human and machine processes while getting scale via automation has become a competitive imperative.

4 Mega Trends Affecting Marketing Today

It is important to be aware of these 4 trends and evaluate how each affects marketing for your organization. From there, you can determine how best to embrace these transformations and prepare your brand for the year ahead.

Top 10 Ways to Build In-House Agencies & Brand Teams

Marketing automaton is not just about having the right techonoloies. It’s also about having the perfect strategy for your brand. In order to create a winning strategy, you need to know what works in modern marketing automaton.